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I’d like to get started on off this overview of sorts by declaring that, although there have been a lot of things that bothered me concerning this game, I did so thoroughly enjoy participating in it as well as love the character types from Mystic Messenger. However, as the subject can provide away, I’ve a few qualms over a few of the matters raised through the game, and exactly how they were treated. More specifically, both key endings are what induced most issue for me personally, which means this review consists of many spoilers about these endings, so please take note before you move forward.

Firstly, a very important factor that bothered me that’s not area of the magic formula endings was when they raised this issue of Jumin being gay. There have been various different comments, however the general frame of mind of the individuals was that being gay was somehow “weird” and unnatural. While I am aware that game hails from another country which could still have significantly more closed down minded views of the LGBTQ community (not that all country still doesn’t face these issues), I simply hoped that Cheritz wouldn’t have used it in a poor way that made being gay seem to be strange. Although it wasn’t a significant topic in the overall game, I wished if indeed they helped bring it up they would’ve been more open up about any of it, especially being truly a game which has a feminine love interest (though you’re officially just “friends”). It’s rather a confusing and delicate theme, but seeing just how it was taken care of I almost wish that they had just excluded the “lol Jumin’s gay gross” jokes from the overall game.

Continuing with a far more difficult issue is the way they presented mental disease in the overall game, especially in the trick endings. We find out in these endings that Rika has problems with panic and depressive disorder. She appears to be getting help from a therapist (although most we realize is the fact she saw them for three weeks), and this V is very supportive of her even though she expresses self depreciating thoughts. While it may first seem to be touching at, these illnesses somehow twist her mind completely, which lead her to creating a religious cult and blinding her fiance even, V. Mental conditions are an extremely sensitive topic, and the true way they handled it was, for me, very improperly. Having nervousness and major depression do definitely not make a person become dark and twisted in your brain to the idea of abusing others. The consumption of these health problems to “explain” Rika’s activities appear way more offensive to people who package with these mental issues on a regular basis.


Additionally, we face criticism of mental medication and treatment when Seven manages his sibling Saeran. Seven won’t permit the hospital to make use of medication to help treat him even though his brother is actually in an exceedingly fragile and critical state, after being through very much trauma in his past you start with his abusive mother up to being drugged and manipulated by Mint Eye. Saeran needs specialized help, but Seven decides to “save” him from heading to the psych ward because seemingly it is the 1930’s and a healthcare facility is accomplishing lobotomies on the patients. But very seriously, mental hospitals is there to help, but the game made it seem to be like medication and professional help are bad just. “Saeren, they don’t enable you to escape the psych ward! They would like to offer you medication and medicine so as to hopefully get over the many many years of abuse and injury you’ve endured!” Reason my sarcasm, but really, “saving” Saeran from a healthcare facility when he’s in that state isn’t okay, and just how everything looked like “solved” after Saeran offered Seven the nice ol’ attempted murder choke isn’t aiding, either.

Finally, the most upsetting concern was V’s loss of life in the first key ending. A lot more than that, the treating V as a identity. V been around the complete game to be blamed and doubted, and the ball player is pressed by the overall game to see him as the theif. Whether you thought so or not, you learn the fact he didn’t do anything wrong, and was a victim of abuse on Rika’s part. He attempted to forgive her but still love her, despite her bad activities, and I couldn’t help but feel absolutely terrible for V the complete game. His fatality was the most detrimental part. As you might know, suicide is an extremely sensitive topic, and the actual fact a figure who was simply cured so throughout the complete game wiped out himself horribly, made me ill to my belly actually. While your reaction may well not have been as intense, I believe it’s fair to state that V as a character was treated poorly, and having him commit suicide at the ultimate end, after him blaming himself and enduring the presssing issues he previously, seems cruel downright.

Overall an extremely useful game, and I’m very wanting to surface finish it up. Next review shall come once I surface finish Seven’s route. Many thanks for the read! Taken into managing a celebration she never found out about all of the sudden? Have no idea who those suspicious beautiful people are? Life might maintain hazard? Whatever! The main thing is the fact that I reach chat with very children while I damage my daily program, sleeping design, and life time, COMPLETELY! Here is a SPOILER-filled overview of the existing hottest mobile otome game, Mystic Messenger! However, since I value my money still, I will not be spending hourglasses and then play the overall game at once. And since I also value my sleeping still, I’m going to be taking breaks each and every time I complete a character option. Thus, I’m going to be making separate content for every personality route I end.

Yoosung is the youngest person in the RFA. Because of this, he (and the other players) thinks that he’s the cutest in the number, but I say that he’s just pretty because he dyed his head of hair blond ( ?_?`). After all, he appears like a sissy in his old images! He is presently a uni college student who isn’t very studious and instead just spends his time participating in LOLOL. Seemingly he was an extremely good pupil in senior high school and just acquired addicted to game titles when he inserted college. Which is really me while i was an undergrad scholar, except that I used to be never in the very best 100 of the worldwide rank lmao. He has his known reasons for not learning diligently though, and it began when he lost his will to live on when his cousin Rika died annually and half earlier.

So essentially, right when Mystica arrived in the talk, Yoosung is the most wanting to have her in the RFA so she can be Rika’s replacing. And this continues on throughout the 50 % of his option; Yoosung perceives Mystica as Rika and it’s really up to the player to choose whether she’s fine to be Rika’s replacement unit in Yoosung’s heart and soul (so long as she can have him, of course!) or she desires to be herself for Yoosung. I thought we would be myself in this option, because no chance I wish to be considered a replacement unit of a lifeless woman. I got the nice end. Whatever the full case, Yoosung and Mystica still get really flirty as soon as day 5 that the other folks in the talk were exactly like, “Oh god just get a (talk) room already, you two!” Gee I understand just how cringeworthy PDA reaches a blended group talk ughh. The other guys and Jaehee are totally rooting for both though, and even said that “Time will tell” if indeed they really are designed for each. Yeah, in five days and nights.

Several a large number of Mystica’s “I’d like one to see me as me” (except that they still really haven’t seen the other person professionally) later, Yoosung finally realizes that he shouldn’t mistake Mystica with Rika, and they are completely different people! But! Just whenever we feel that everything’s going properly, serious stuff started out happening and Eight shows that the security system of Rika’s apartment (where Mystica is, believe it or not) has been hacked so which chance that the bomb planted there could set off! So yeah, Seven talks about that bomb is going increase when an intruder – or even RFA people – gets near to the house because hacker altered the algorithm of the bomb or something similar to that. Gleam chance that it’ll explode if Mystica leaves the apartment like wtf who even considered that. As of this, Yoosung, after confessing to Mystica and requesting her to be his pre-girlfriend, rages at V because how dare V place the love of his life into hazard again? Yoosung still hasn’t even forgiven V for Rika’s loss of life yet, goodness sake. V and Seven then describe that the bomb was put there at Rika’s question to protect categorized information about friends during the past party. Like, if someone attempts to hack and get the info, the bomb should go increase and demolish all important data automatically. Pretty neat, I say.

When Yoosung confronts V in person finally, V discloses that Rika was actually psychologically sick :O V just hid that reality from Yoosung because he desires Yoosung to keep in mind only the nice part of Rika. At the chat then, Jumin also says that it was Rika who harmed V’s eye so he can’t take images any more! Gdi V! Why did you not say earlier?? And where’s this unhappy stuff suddenly via?? After much more serious stuff occurring, like Zen obtaining a stalker who is not a young lady, and Jaehee obtaining a dubious email, Seven finally discovers where in fact the hacker is so he chooses to infiltrate the adversary basic. Yoosung, being the option hero, causes Seven to label him along too. Both efficiently infiltrates the foe foundation, nonetheless they come in person with Unknown. Seven foretells Unfamiliar about serious hazy stuff that i didn’t understand because I’ve yet reached Seven’s option and uhm, instantly, Unknown says something about heading to heaven and pressing a move and destroying everything… But our hero Yoosung gets in his way.

Time later, Yoosung and Seven make it from the enemy foundation alive… but Yoosung harm his still left eyes :O Yoosung gets an optical vision surgery super fast and the very next day, they carry an RFA Yoosung and get together, who still has a bandage on his kept vision, provides a conversation. He also matches Mystica personally finally, and there, he kisses her before all the friends. Inside the after tale, Yoosung became a veterinarian and he’s using megane while his kept eyes heals. Thoughts: Very little revelation, and the nice end was too monotonous ? I was wanting even more serious action but never received that… instead, I acquired a kiss CG that has an eyeless heroine ?_?. Yoosung made me cringe to bone fragments but I say he’s sweet! I cannot see him as a partner though, similar to, my little otouto that I’d tease everytime?